Friday, 8 July 2011

Thing 2 - Explore other blogs

This thing took me longer than expected - so many great blogs to choose from! As I've recently returned from USA, I initially thought I would narrow it down to participants from there, though I discovered that many of them are currently behind on their things (pot... kettle... black, I know!). But as I wrote thing 3 for the programme about personal branding, I thought I'd take the opportunity to read and comment on some of those posts. I also already subscribe to a number of the blogs involved in CPD23, so I tried to discover new blogs. There were some really interesting reflections on personal branding (more on this when I write thing 3), and the ones I chose to comment on included:
I'm amazed by how many people are involved in the programme, there are currently over 800 registered participants! I'm really looking forward to following some new blogs :)

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