Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thing 18 - Screencasts and podcasts


Jing is another tool I used during Festive 24 Things (I made a screencast on setting up a Twtpoll - I was even brave enough to record sound!):

I really liked how easy it was to use. I mustn't have loved it that much though as even earlier today I found myself taking numerous screenshots of my PC and cropping them to create a step-by-step guide in Microsoft Word to show my colleagues how to add Sharepoint as a network drive. That would have been a perfect excuse to use Jing but it didn't even cross my mind!

I guess it's just not integrated into my way of working yet, but I'll try to bear it in mind in future.


I don't see a need for creating my own podcasts, so for this thing I focused on listening to podcasts. I've never really got into listening to podcasts - the only time I could imagine myself listening to them is when I'm travelling but I tend to work on mobile devices whilst I'm travelling so I don't think I'd be able to listen to podcasts whilst I'm doing that. I do keep meaning to update my subscriptions to my video podcasts on iPad though - I enjoy watching videos and can imagine it would be good to watch those each morning as well as checking my RSS feeds. Does anyone have any video podcasts they would recommend subscribing to? I love gadgets, technology, crafts and nature.

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