Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thing 19 - Integrating things

Math by A Mulligan, on Flickr
I miss integration #lovemaths

 photo by  A Mulligan 

I've just had a look through my posts and I'm afraid I have to be honest and admit straight away that some of my good intentions I just haven't been able to keep up with. I'm still not checking my RSS feeds regularly enough, and am often behind on them. I'm not using ReadItLater frequently either - I have an article I sent there about 5 weeks ago that I still haven't got around to reading. I think maybe I have to learn to accept that I'm not going to be able to read it all during busy periods. I seem happy to accept that I miss things on Twitter if I'm not around but for some reason it's different for RSS feeds. Maybe I ought to take a leaf out of WoodsieGirl's book and learn to be less afraid of the 'Mark all as read' button.

The thing I've taken most from so far is thing 5 on reflective practice. It came at a perfect time as I'm preparing for CILIP Chartership and need to be more reflective. I'm now taking a far more reflective approach and am making sure that anything which might be relevant in a professional development context I am reflecting on using the 'What? So what? What now?' model of reflective practice. I'm planning to use this when I record activities during the Chartership process.

The other thing that I have managed to integrate more into my routine is commenting on blogs. Before CPD23, I only rarely commented on blog posts but having realised how valuable comments can be and knowing how nice it is to receive comments from others, I have now started commenting on more blogs, even if it's just to say that I enjoyed reading the post. Sometimes I know about a resource that the blogger might be interested in (and therefore also the blog's readers), so I've started making sure I also leave a comment in situations like this.

I'm pleased that some of the things from CPD23 will stick with me after I've finished, and I'm really glad I have this blog as a record to look back on to remind me.


  1. I enjoy posting on blog posts too. It's fascinating to see people going through the process of Chartership, even though it's something I never got the chance to do myself. I mark all as read sometimes, too - it's not that hard!

  2. I do mark all as read occasionally, but I spend far more time leaving lots of unread items (and feeling guilty about it) constantly wondering if there's a real gem I don't want to miss out on!

  3. I do mark all read, I've one blog that sends everything through together and I end up with about 20 posts each day. It often gets a mark all read. In actual fact because of that, I'm considering unsubscribing. I think if they came through throughout the day like most posts, I'd read it more.
    However, saying that I do read all the other blogs I subscribe to, even if they are a week or two old time I get to them!
    I agree with you on comments, they just help you know that someone is listening and reading!

  4. I'm kind of the same - I'll still read the posts even if they are old (as often they are still of relevance, apart from the newsy type blogs I subscribe to but there's not as many of those as I get most of my news from Twitter).

    I'm just not good at checking regularly - I need to make sure to schedule a few minutes each morning and afternoon to get back into the habit of reading more regularly rather than binging every few days!